If you got it, you got it. When it comes to being the best city to live in Wyoming, USA Today thinks that's Jackson. What do you think?

A friendly reminder: DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER. This is USA Today's opinion, not mine. If you read the fine print, it's not really USA Today to blame either. It's their "partner site", 24/7 Wall St.

They claimed to consider 26 different factors when deciding what city is the best in each state, including Wyoming. Here's their quote that mystifies me as to why they picked Jackson:

Incomes are relatively high in Jackson. The typical area household earns $70,517 a year, about $11,000 more than the typical Wyoming household. Higher incomes are not enough to offset the area's high cost of living, however, as goods and services are about 35 percent more expensive in Jackson than they are on average nationwide.

Jackson is expensive? You think? (*sarcasm*) Hey, if you can get a gig as Kevin Costner's butler, the pay is probably great.

Let me state for the record that I love the Jackson area and have not had a bad experience with the Kardashians that live there. (mainly due to the fact that I haven't ever spoken with a Jackson resident other than the guy that runs the gas station) The Grand Teton area is truly epic and one of the most beautiful places on earth. However, when it comes to a city to LIVE in, I take exception to a ranking that admits that it costs a fortune to live there.

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