The Executive Director of the United Way of Laramie County says, while the numbers might show an improving economy, a lot of people are still struggling to get by.

Connie Sloan-Cathcart says the big majority of those people are working. She says "you have to think about how many jobs people in our community are out there working, but they're still not making it to the end of the month".

She goes on to say her conversations with Needs Inc. show by far the majority of people helped with food and other donations are working, but not quite able to continue without help.

She says, even though Wyoming has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, those numbers don't tell the entire story. Sloan-Cathcart says many people are working only part time. She says even many local residents with full time jobs aren't making enough to support a family.

The stereotype of poor people sitting home and watching television all day doesn't apply to very many in the area, says Sloan-Cathcart.

The full interview with Connie Sloan-Cathcart will air this Sunday morning (May 10) at 7 on the "Report To Wyoming" program on KGAB.

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