7:07 AM MDT: Jim Kouri, Law enforcement columnist, is back with host Dave Chaffin. Within 48-hours of President Barack Obama's ending his first trip to Israel as America's leader, which ended Friday, Israeli government officials reported that gunshots aimed at an Israeli patrol early on Sunday compelled a quick military response, according to the Israeli government.. Plus, Jim will talk with Dave about his colum(posted on www.kgab.com under commentary today) highlighting that theThe North Carolina State Board of Elections intends to prosecute five suspects who allegedly voted in both Florida and North Carolina during the November 2012 election cycle, according the leader from the Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina in an interview with Fox News Channel's Eric Shawn on Sunday morning.


7:37AM MDT: For more than 25 years, Phil Brassfield has served the Lord in various ministry capacities. Having been raised in a pastor’s home, he has been in and around the work of the Lord his entire life. Accepting his call at a young age, Phil has dedicated his life to the development of Christian leaders and to introducing an elevated thought process in the concepts and conversations surrounding God, Christianity and the practice of ministry. Today on the program Phil will be talking about THE MYSTERY OF PENTECOST: Taking a New Look at the New Testament.

8:07AM MDT: Cheyenne Police Chief, Brian Kozak is back for his monthly update on what's happening incity law enforcement, including his view of the continuing search for an accpetable site for the proposed new Public Safety Building.

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