Hang on, because today is going to be a great day with lots of great guests in the Morning Zone:

7:07AM MDT: Sherry Torkos Abuse and Overuse of over-the-counter health products. What you need to know! Medications and health products that can be purchased over-the-counter (OTC) at a pharmacy are assumed to be safe, but these products do carry the risk of side effects and health risks, especially when not used as recommended. The Drug Abuse Warning Network estimates that of the 2.1 million drug abuse visits— 27.1%  involved non-medical use of pharmaceuticals in 2009 (i.e., prescription or OTC medications.

7:37 AM MDT: Ragini Michaels  talks about  The Happiness Paradox. Happiness is a puzzle you can’t complete until you have the whole picture. You need this puzzle piece called paradox. It’s the only way to make peace with the fact that unhappiness travels with happiness and they each
HAVE to take their turn showing up in your life. The same with all opposites - joy and sorrow – love and hate – alone and together – you and me – right and wrong – ecstasy and agony.

8:07 AM MDT:  Wyoming Liberty Group  constitutional attorney,Steve Klein, will talk about our role in protecting political speech and how we stand with Free Speech. He recently published an article called 'The symptom is lobbying; the disease is government spending' where he says instead of stomping all over a citizen’s First Amendment rights by trying to prevent them from spending their own money to talk to legislators, perhaps a better approach would be to remove the reason many people spend so much – the massive amount of other peoples’ money the political class can arbitrarily hand out to powerful and well-connected special interest groups. Steve uses the example of Wyoming Ethanol to show how governments waste money on corporate welfare and how the government itself sets up the incentive for lobbying.

9:07AM MDT: Lisa Murphy and the gang from Laramie County Community College is back to update us on the latest from the college.