Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump briefly addressed Wyoming's energy bust during a rally Sunday just south of the state line.

"Wyoming is going to love me," Trump said during a campaign stop at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colo.

About halfway through his speech, Trump said business leaders were, at that very moment, "negotiating to leave Colorado, and to leave Ohio, and to leave Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Wyoming," adding the Cowboy State to the list after an audience member shouted it out.

"They love a thing called clean coal in Wyoming, right?" Trump said. "Wyoming. Great place."

"Tell your friends in Wyoming the miners go back to work, okay? Will you do that?" Trump asked the audience member. "Tell them. The miners are going back to work in Wyoming and in West Virginia and Ohio."

Trump continued his speech by addressing tax cuts for middle-class families and saying "we'll end the war on American energy."

"My administration will put the miners back to work and we will unleash the power of clean coal, oil, natural gas and shale energy," Trump said.

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