Seventy​ people have died on Wyoming's highways so far this year, and the leader of the Wyoming Highway Patrol is once again encouraging people to drive safely.

"Each of these fatalities were preventable," said Col. Kebin Haller.

"These were the direct result of a motorist who decided to drive distracted, speed, drive under the influence, not wear their seat belt, pass unsafely or a multiple of irresponsible actions," he added.

Haller says troopers will continue to be proactive in stopping motorists who decide to commit these violations.

"I encourage you to always drive responsible and safe," said Haller.  "The Wyoming Highway Patrol and your family is counting on it."

In just the past two months alone, there have been two dozen fatal crashes which have resulted in 31 deaths.  Of those deaths, seven were Cheyenne residents.


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