You've probably seen it on Facebook--the Cold-Water Challenge. All it requires is someone to initiate it, a bucket of ice water, and a camera. Once completed, the now-soaking-wet someone challenges nearly a handful more. And it becomes a perpetual cycle.

The catch? If you don't do it, you donate $100 to the someone's charity (it's all honor-system based, folks). If you do do it, you only donate $10 and then pass on the challenge.

Amanda Baker, an Account Executive from Townsquare Media, was challenged recently by Amy of Straight Line Vapors. Did she do it? Well...see for yourself below.

Here's looking at you: Jake Hogan (Townsquare Media - Casper), Stephen Fotiades (Interstate All Battery Center of Cheyenne), Graham Hunter (KGWN) and Nick Dodgson (Midas of Cheyenne).

Do they have what it takes? Or will they blow us off?

Amanda's charity of choice is Townsquare Cares, a charity that hopes to better the lives of troops, their families and communities 365 days a year.

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