When the day is done, sometimes you need to turn on Netflix, sit back, relax and enjoy a good movie. Netflix has come out with their October line-up and we have pix for you.

Here is a list of shows that we liked and think you'll enjoy also.

  1. Longmire - How could this not be #1 Wyoming?
  2. The Flash Season 2 - If you like action and adventure for the whole family, then you'll not want to miss Season 2 of this D.C. masterpiece. Of course, if you haven't seen The Flash - Season 1, then you'll be a bit lost until you do.
  3. Gentleman's Agreement - This 1947 classic, starring Gregory Peck as a journalist who portrays a Jew, in order to find out how prejudice people really are. The film originally was to be about homophobia, but was later changed to be about antisemitism.
  4. Patton - George C. Scott won an Academy Award for his 1970 portrayal of General George S. Patton. However, he wasn't impressed with the Academy and therefore, didn't show up for the award.
  5. Robotech - This movie will take you back to the 80's in technological style.

As fall is upon us, it will be a good time to hang out with the family and watch some great favorites on Netflix this October.