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7:07AM MST: Dr. Larry Kawa guests with host Dave Chaffin. While everyone was counting down to the New Year, Kawa was counting down to the implementation of Obamacare, the largest federal takeover of healthcare in United States history. In 2014, we'll end up seeing most of the provisions of Obamacare put into effect, including the individual mandate. What we'll also see are increased premiums, people who fall through the cracks, and a massive new entitlement that we have no idea how to pay for. We've seen the CBO scoring on this bill continually being revised upwards, which leads us to believe that Obamacare could be more expensive than we know. Happy New Year and Happy 2014! Because with this law, we'll need all the well wishes we can get.

7:37AM MST: Alice O'Connor will be Dave's guest talking about The war on poverty. She is the author of Poverty Knowledge: Social Science, Social Policy and the Poor in Twentieth Century U.S. History, O'Connor just wrote the piece "The War on Poverty at Fifty." She says: "The War on Poverty remains one of the most embattled -- and least understood -- of Great Society initiatives. Contrary to conservative detractors, the War on Poverty did not create 'special privileges' for the poor. Still less was it a vast expansion of 'dependency'-inducing cash relief, relying far more on preventative health, nutrition, and old-age related expenditures to shore up the federal safety net and on signature programs such as Head Start, Job Corps, and community-based housing and economic development to create opportunities.

8:07AM MST: Our resident therapist, Dr. Margaret Cochran is back on with us and will be talking about the dangers of the post holiday let-down.


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