7:07AM MDT   Bill Frady guest with host, Dave Chaffin and will discuss GUN CONTROL’S UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: How Curtailing 2nd Amendment Rights Impacts the Economy. Bill  host of the popular radio program Lock & Load, and digs deep into the 2nd Amendment and the political fight over firearms on a daily basis. And he’s well known for addressing the topic from different angles.

7:37AM MDT: Early Bird Open Line Time: This is your chance to weigh in on the issues of the day before you head off to work. Be our guest. Call in to the program at 1-888-503-6500 toll free, or 307-632-6500, or 632-3323.

8:07AM MDT: Dr. Margaret Cochran returns for her monthly visit to the program. Dr. Cochran is AN AMAZING GUEST, who truly believes "Life is a Process of Becoming,
But it is not Always a Becoming Process!" She
is a transpersonal psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, educator and author with more than 30 years of clinical experience. She is most often described by her patients as tough, compassionate and smart. She has a provocative message on her answering machine: " Who are you, what do you want and how and when can you be reached? If you know the answer to these seemingly simple questions, be joyful, because most of us spend our whole lives working on the answers." She takes a prismatic approach to therapy saying “I see things as a whole and acknowledge the intricate value of the parts therein. In our culture, we tend to value the rational and linear ways of exploring and thinking about the world above all else. But our senses need not be limited to just perceiving the three dimensional, corporeal world. Science has shown that everything is made of energy which we receive and interpret at various levels and to varying degrees.”

9:07AM MDT: Open Line Time. Once again, we want to hear from you. Call us and talk about what's on your mind.