With all of the cases that seem to be coming to the U.S., and a current patient in Nebraska, it may be time to find out about the Ebola virus.  Last Monday, an alert was issued by the Division of Public Health advising the public and health care workers to use universal precautions to avoid bodily fluids and illness brought to us by the Ebola virus.

Today on the Top 5 at 7:45, I'll highlight some things that we need to know about this deadly virus known as Ebola.

  1. Treatment For Ebola - There really is no treatment, as such, for Ebola at this time. As of now, doctors are doing experimental therapies.
  2. Chances of a National Outbreak of Ebola - They say that the chances of Ebola being spread throughout the U.S. are low, but we're not taking any chances.
  3. The Spreading of Ebola "Myth" - Specialists are saying that Ebola cannot be transmitted to humans via mosquitos, fleas or viral infection, even though it is a blood disease.
  4. How Ebola Gets Around - Human to human contact through bodily fluids such as: blood, urine, sweat, semen, breast milk and feces.
  5. The Definition of Ebola - It has been defined as a severe viral infection with symptoms ranging from sudden headaches, severe vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea for starters.

For more information and updates concerning the Ebola virus, you can go to the Center for Disease Controls website. The Top 5 at 7:45 airs weekdays with me, Gary Freeman and is sponsored by First Education Federal Credit Union.



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