As tourist season in Wyoming draws to an end, we found ourselves wondering if a clear list of rules is what next years group of tourists need.

After all, based on the dozens of stories we shared of "tourons" or tourists behaving badly, they haven't quite gotten the full message of how to interact (or not interact) with Wyoming Wildlife.

Here is what we came up with for "Ten Commandments of Living with Wyoming Wildlife"

  1. When in Wyoming, you are not at the top of the food chain anymore.
  2. Thou shall not stop in the middle of the road and take pictures.
  3. Thou shall not feed the bears.
  4. Thou shall not pet the bears. Actually, just stay as far away from the bears as you possibly can.
  5. Thou shall not take selfies with, or attempt to ride the bison.
  6. Thou shall not load bison calves into your vehicle.
  7. Thou shall not imitate mating sounds near the wildlife.
  8. Thou shall not chase wildlife with drones, ATVs, or any other vehicle.
  9. Basically, thou shall not approach wildlife of any kind. Ever.
  10. When in doubt, call Wyoming Game and Fish first. (307) 777-4600

Feel free to share these commandments with your friends and family, maybe it'll help keep the number of injured "tourons" down next year.

Do you have any commandments to add?

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