If you like old stuff, then Cheyenne is a great place to find them. The “Majestic Building” in downtown Cheyenne, has the oldest, working, brass elevator in the west.

The owner of the building said that it is the oldest operating elevator west of the Mississippi.

The company that built the elevator is still around today. Otis Elevator Company has been around for over 160 years.

If you think about the Eiffel Tower, The Kremlin, the Empire State Building and the Majestic Building, they all have something in common. The common denominator of these buildings is that they all have an Otis Elevator. The Washington Monument originally had an Otis Elevator in it also.

Today, Otis is in the process of updating the elevator in the Empire State Building, according to Otis PR representative, Ed Jacovino in an email.

The elevator in downtown Cheyenne is housed, in what used to be the First National Bank, built in 1907. When the bank went under, in 1924, it became the Majestic Building and one of the office buildings in downtown.

The elevator is decorated in copper panels and wreaths that highlight the walls. The elevator is operated by hand and carries about 5-7 people. Once inside the carriage, an accordion-type brass door is there to secure you and other passengers.

Gary Freeman, Townsquare Media
The top of the carriage sports a bird cage-type dome and is lined with brass rims. You almost get the feel of a vaulted ceiling in the elevator.

Gary Freeman, Townsquare Media
The old elevator is, no doubt, one of the crown jewels of the Capital City. So if you ever get a chance to tour the rooms and floors of the Majestic Building in downtown Cheyenne, don’t take the stairs this time, take the elevator.