Wednesdays are chocked full of great news, information and guests.

6:07AM MST: Financial News and Information with host Dave Chaffin plus national, and local information, weather and commentary.

7:07AM MST: Watchdog on Wallstreet, Chris Markowski, is back and will give us his take on "SEQUESTRATION" set to take effect March,1 if Congress or the President don't act.

7:37AM MST: Dr. David Mains,Executive Director of Mainstay Ministries,is back on the show to tell us about CHRISTIANS BEING SLAUGHTERED IN NIGERIA: Dr. Mains is back in the states after shooting a documentary of the carnage there, and he’s ready to wake you up with this.

9:07AM MST: ASK_A_LOCAL_EXPERT. Cheyenne Radiology Group...Their motto is : Know Sooner. Be Certain.What makes their business unique: Samantha will be in today. She will be talking about some of their new marketing elements like a new website launching in March and a new TV ad they have airing on KGWN. She will also be talking about their community involvement and how important it is to them much like our focus of being local and supporting our community. They sponsor things like Race for the Cure, CFD Volunteer Crisis Fund and so on. They also encourage the employees to get involved.Cheyenne Radiology Group’s top priority is its patients. By performing comprehensive diagnostic imaging and providing definitive interpretation of the data and images obtained, the entire team at the full-service medical imaging center work together to give patients and their physicians information critical to timely healthcare decisions. A combination of advanced digital technology, highly trained and experienced staff enables Cheyenne Radiology Group to provide results quickly and confidently.Since 1952, over two million patients in Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska have chosen and trusted Cheyenne Radiology group to deliver timely, accurate results in and environment that emphasizes patient individuality convenience and dignity.