I'd like to go ahead and say I've not experienced the "gentlemen's clubs" in the greater Cheyenne area, I feel super awkward in those situations, so it's not really my scene. BUT, if you're a fan, have at it, you do you, boo. I decided to check out the Yelp reviews of The Den, here in Cheyenne, or Laramie County, if you will.

I really appreciate the people that go out of their way to let us know how well strip clubs, I wouldn't want to not have personal reviews on a local venue, regardless their business. Let's also note that I had to "edit" some of these comments, for obvious reasons.

" If you drink and you then drive, be prepared to get a DUI as the Highway Patrol and Sheriffs monitor the area pretty heavily." *So what you're saying is they need a to invest in a stripper shuttle, noted.

"I had plenty of money to spend and only 1 girl came to me after I got up and tipped her. The manager needs to run the club, if there is one, I didn't see one." *A lot to unpack here. What I think he's saying overall is, they need a new "under new manager" sign. And more social strippers. Got it.

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"The first few dancers seemed really energetic and fun, and then we got to see The Den for what it really is. Our party was accosted by a drunk stripper in a purple dress telling us that our "tipping fingers" must be broken." *I've never heard the term "tipping fingers" but now I'm going to find new ways to use it.

"Two girls in particular, Bambi and Gypsy, are wildly sexy and seductive, however, their talent and appearance are lost in the foul odor and the atmosphere of the place, making any A-squad girl varsity of the C-squad at best." *This guy has a grading scale and he's sticking to it.

"It would be nice to see who is dancing there. Just a face pic would be nice" *Someone want to step up and be their web designer?

"A nice surprise for a first time visitor to Wyoming!" *Please don't base your feelings on the whole state on your strip club experience...I'm done.


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