After Pier 1 Imports released their third quarter fiscal 2020 financial results, the announcement was made that the company would be reducing its store footprint by up to 450 locations. The Casper location is one of the stores that is closing.

While initially, Pier 1 did not give specific details on which stores would be closing, Business Insider released a list of stores that may be closing. The list was compiled from a list of stores that were "wiped" from the official Pier 1 Imports website. Business Insider also stated that they:

contacted 20 of the stores from the list at random, and employees at each location confirmed they would close. Many of the deleted locations were advertising clearance sales online in the days before they disappeared, and local news outlets have also reported closings at more than two dozen stores on this list.

There is one other Pier 1 Imports location in Cheyenne, which at the time this is article was written, will remain open.

No date has been given for when the Casper location will close permanently.

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