CSU has four research teams working on developing a coronavirus vaccine. This team is attempting to modify the vaccine that's been used since 1921.

Professor Mary Jackson is leading a CSU research team in an effort to create a coronavirus vaccine based on the tuberculosis (BCG) vaccine.

According to an interview released by CSU, Professor Jackson stated that it's widely known that those who've received the BCG vaccine also show a resistance to other illnesses involving viruses, such as coronavirus.

There are clinical studies currently underway using the BCG vaccine, but Professor Jackson's team is taking it further:

My team decided to take this potential benefit of BCG one step further by having it express antigens from the SARS-CoV-2 virus with the hope that it will stimulate an even greater and more specific immune response against COVID-19.

I found it interesting that, according to the interview, the U.S, doesn't use the BCG vaccine, because it's 99% like the actual tuberculosis bacteria, and those vaccinated with it would most likely show a false positive result the most common test for tuberculosis.

Good Luck, Professor.

Get more on the team's research from CSU Here.

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