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States Grow More Dependent on Federal Funds
~~ by Sven Larson`~~
More than five years ago I warned about how the states are growing dangerously dependent on money from the federal government:
These state–federal joint ventures create a number of problems. They make it difficult for voters to hold the President, Senators, Representatives, …
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7:07AM MST: Child advocate, John Frentheway, joins host Dave Chaffin in our on-going Kids-At-Risk series and today, take a look at how, when it comes to raising children, there's no shortage of opinions. Now, blogs are giving moms a new platform to offer up parenti…
How to Keep Health Entrepreneurs out of Wyoming
~~~ by Maureen Bader, Benjamin Barr~~~(Wyo. Liberty Group
Just as Wyoming is starting to attract new health care providers, such as a physician-owned hospital in Casper, the state is considering one bill to keep health entrepreneurs out.
Nonprofit hospitals in Wyoming already enjoy competitive advanta…
Laws Change or Are Repealed All the Time
~~ by Bruce Edward Walker~~  Wyoming Liberty Group~~
In the final scene of Brian DePalma’s 1987 film, The Untouchables, screenwriter David Mamet depicts a reporter asking Kevin Costner’s Elliot Ness what he plans to do should Congress overturn Prohibition...
Inflation Would Be Bad News for Wyoming
~~ by Sven Larson~~
Now that Republicans and Democrats have agreed to reopen the federal government, the U.S. Treasury again is free to borrow money on overtime. Stubborn spenders in the White House and Congress evaded the deficit problem, agreed to punt for a few months and let ObamaCare go into eff…
Committee Bills Threaten Health Care Freedom
~~~by Maureen Bader~~~Wyoming Liberty Group~~
Draft bills spilling out of Wyoming's Legislative Services Office have already started to raise eyebrows. Two, so far, would limit healthcare choice in Wyoming.
The first, 14LSO-0141 Hospital licensure, would confiscate the operating license of a hospital …
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Huma’s mother and Liz …

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