State Assumes Control
Wyoming Insurance Commissioner Tom Glause has gotten a court order to take over operations of WINhealth after the company announced it would shut down operations in Wyoming as of the end of the year.
WINhealth to Exit Market
Financial problems have forced Wyoming's second largest health insurance company to exit the market.
The Wyoming Department of Insurance (DOI) announced Wednesday that WINhealth will be going into a receivership.
"If an insurance company meets particular financial markers indicating that they are…
WINHealth Drops Obamacare
One of the two health insurance companies offering ObamaCare in Wyoming has decided to withdraw from the program.
WINHealth President and CEO Steve Goldstone says the federal government told the company on October 1 that it was going to cut payouts by nearly 88%...
WINHealth Calls It Quits
In this crazy world of health insurance, another health insurance carrier has chosen to call it quits. For individual health coverage on the governments Marketplace anyway.