Gun Sale Proposal
A bill introduced in the Wyoming State Senate would ban selling guns to anyone who is on an FBI terrorist watch list.
I-80 Bomb Scare
A suspected pressure cooker bomb left at a truck parking area on Interstate 80 in Sweetwater County on Monday turned out to be harmless, according to a spokesman for the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department.
Sheriff On Islam
Laramie County Sheriff Danny Glick says despite recent terrorist attacks by Muslim extremists, he wants to be clear that he doesn't think most followers of Islam are dangerous.
Terror Cells In Wyoming
Laramie County Sheriff Danny Glick says terror cells are present both in Wyoming and across the country, and says people need to be vigilant to prevent an attack.
Terrorism Training
A spokesman for the Cheyenne Police Department says police and other local emergency responders regularly practice for how they would respond to terrorist and mass-shooting scenarios.

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