CRMC Facing Loss Of Millions
Cheyenne Regional Medical Center is facing the loss of as much as $7 million annually due to Medicare cuts. CRMC CEO Dr. John Lucas says other funding cuts could double that amount.
Lucas says the Legislature's decision not to participate in the voluntary expansion of Medicaid under the Affordab…
Lummis:Medicare Must Change
Wyoming congresswoman Cynthia Lummis says that while she doesn't want to see cuts in benefits to current Medicare and Medicaid recipients, the math says changes must be made to the programs over the long-term if they are to survive.
Lummis says demographics, and especially the large number of baby bo…
Medicare Cracking Down on Fraud [AUDIO]
Martin Engineering is opening a new sales and service center in Gillette. Doug Randall reports. Medicare spokesman Mike Fierburg says that agency has new tools under to help combat fraud.  Click past the jump to listen to Wyoming Radio News.
Wyo Supreme Court: Judge’s Action Unconstitutional [AUDIO]
The Wyoming Supreme Court has ruled that a lower court order prohibiting anti-abortion protests from appearing at the Jackson Town Square last year was unconstitutional. Doug Randall reports. The Executive Director of Families USA, an organization that lobbies for healthcare concerns, says a Medicar…
Americans Want A Say On Social Security and Medicare [AUDIO]
The Wyoming Department of Corrections Training Academy graduated its first class of calendar year 2012 on March 16th. Doug Randall reports. About 95 percent of Americans think Washington needs to spend more time listening to ordinary folks about Social Security and Medicare. Click past the jump to l…
ACLU Says Wyoming Needs Juvenile Court System [Audio]
The Executive Director of Families USA says proposed cuts in Medicare and Medicaid programs would have a devastating effect on affordable healthcare for many families. The ACLU says Wyoming needs a Juvenile Court System, Doug Randall reports. Click past the jump to listen to Wyoming Radio News.
Sybille Canyon Project Resumes [Audio]
Amy Richards has a report on federal money that is coming to help Medicare and Medicaid recipients in Wyoming. Crews have begun off road preparation for the reconstruction of a six mile stretch of Wyoming Highway 34 in Sybille Canyon. Click past jump to listen to Wyoming Radio News.