Maureen Bader

Government Sector Pension Plan – Who Pays?
~~~by Maureen Bader~~Wyoming Liberty Group~~

Taxpayers contribute $7.70 for every $1 contributed by bureaucrats 

Governor Mead's recent budget announcement is potential gold for government workers. In addition to a salary increase, the governor proposes to roll back modest pension reforms th…
Local Governments Miscalculate Employee Pay
~~by Maureen Bader~~
Both the City of Cheyenne and Laramie County governments have prioritized government worker pay hikes in this year’s budget. Both governments are rationalizing prospective hikes with employee pay studies, but these studies seem to be undervaluing, or leaving out a…
Fishy Proposals Leave Taxpayers Floundering
~~by Maureen Bader~~
Bureaucrats at the Game and Fish department continue to ward off calls for budget cuts.
During a Travel, Recreation and Wildlife (TRW) committee meeting earlier this month, the department came on like a public-relations juggernaut with a 100-slide PowerPoint presentation apparentl…
Time to Cut Bait at the Game and Fish Department
 ~~ By Maureen Bader, Wyoming Liberty Group~~
Mission creep: the gradual process by which a campaign or mission’s objectives change over time, esp. with undesirable consequences.

When the Game and Fish Commission was created by legislation passed in 1921, the role of the Game and Fish department was t…