Herman Cain

Rubio, Cain and Reagan Tuesday on Hannity
Today 4-7PM MST on KGAB, Sean has:
5:05pm MST Senator Marco Rubio believes the winner of Florida is going to be the nominee of the GOP.   While the Senator hasn't officially endorsed a candidate, many believe Rubio is in the Romney camp...
Hannity Has Levin, Newt and Cain
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5:05pm MST Author and talk show host Mark Levin will join Sean for an hour to discuss his latest book, "Ameritopia".
6:05pm MST Former House Speaker and 2012 GOP Presidential candidate Newt Gi…
Friday Hannity Has Palin,Beckel and Cain
Catch Sean today 4-7PM on KGAB when his guests will be:
 5:05pm MST Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will comment on Newt's surge in the debates and polls, Mitt Romney's chances of becoming the GOP nominee and speculate on whether or not Herman Cain will remain in this race.
All-Star Day Today on Hannity: Cain, Rove and Rice


5:05pm MDT-  Presidential Candidate Herman Cain will join Sean to set the record straight on claims he sexually harassed two female employees while head of the National Restaurant Association.  
6:05pm MDT-  Karl Rove will weigh in on a House of Representatives panel vote from earlier today that wil…