5 Helpful Tips to Avoid Catching the Flu
Unless you’ve been hiding out under the covers shivering, nursing a fever and clutching your achy bones, you probably know this has been a brutal flu season. What you may not know is there are measures you can take to avoid the flu -- and most of them are pretty darned simple. So, what are they?
Teton County School Board to Decide on Alcohol Wands [AUDIO]
Teton County school trustees are set to make a final decision this evening on whether to adopt a policy that would allow screening of students at extra-curricular events for alcohol use. Doug Randall reports.  State health officials are advising residents to get their flu shots now. Click past the jump to listen to Wyoming Radio News.
Health Department Urging Flu Shots
In the wake of a reported early-season flu outbreak in the northern part of the state, Wyoming Department of Health spokeswoman Kim Deti is urging state residents to get immunized against the disease now.

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