Fiscal cliff

Consumer Confidence Declines [AUDIO]
With all the coverage of the impending fiscal cliff, consumer confidence in December was at its lowest level since August. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson says she will step down in January. Doug Randall has the details. Click past the jump to listen to Wyoming Radio News.
Barrasso Advocates Spending Cuts
Wyoming Senator John Barrasso says spending cuts, rather than tax increases, should be the focus of efforts to avoid a ''fiscal cliff" budget deficit current looming for the federal government in January.
Barrasso says the problem with tax increases over the long term is that they …
Chamber Leader Sees Potential Disaster In Fiscal Cliff
Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce President and C-E-O Dale Steenbergen is warning of dire consequences for Wyoming and the entire U.S. economy if some sort of agreement isn't reached to avoid the "fiscal cliff'' currently faced in the federal budget in January...