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Minus 20 Temperature Could Rock Cheyenne Thursday
Cheyenne-based meteorologist Don Day says Cheyenne could see temperatures as low as minus 20 on Thursday night as a blast of cold, arctic air continues to rock the area.
That minus 20, just to be clear, isn't a windchill, it's an actual temperature...
This Month Wettest Cheyenne September Ever
September  2013 still has more than 10 days left, but it's already the wettest September in Cheyenne history, according to a local meteorologist.
Don Day of Dayweather Inc. says the area has received over 6 inches of rain, exceeding the total for any September since such records began being…
Meteorologist Predicts Near Normal Summer Locally
A Cheyenne-based meteorologist is forecasting near normal weather conditions for southeast Wyoming this summer.
But Don Day says portions of western and southwestern Wyoming could see an increasingly severe drought through the next few months...