Cold War Spy Plane
WASHINGTON (AP) — The U-2 spy plane outlasted the Cold War and outlived its successor.
But defense cuts now threaten to knock the high-flying reconnaissance aircraft from the sky.
The planes can soar to an altitude of 70,000 feet, collect intelligence on North Korea and Russia, and quickly send …
Bin Laden Records Kept Secret
Records about the Navy SEAL raid on Osama bin Laden's hideout were ordered purged from Pentagon computers and sent to the CIA — a place where they could be more easily shielded from ever being made public.
Tuesday Hannity Has Former CIA, Occupy May Day
Alright all you great Americans, listen up! Sean Hannity's guests today are:
5:05pm MDT- Jose Rodriguez, the former director of the CIA's National Clandestine Service and author of HARD MEASURES: HOW AGGRESSIVE CIA ACTIONS AFTER 9/11 SAVED AMERICAN LIVES joins Sean today to discus…