Chris Ledoux

Garth Brooks Wants To Play CFD 125th Anniversary Show
"The last time I played (CFD) was on the 100th anniversary and I got to play it with the best damn guy on the planet by the name of Chris LeDoux," Brooks said. "I can't invite myself, but if I could invite myself, having a 125th-anniversary belt buckle would be cool."
Name a Famous Wyoming Singer/Songwriter
There are plenty of songs about the West. There are plenty of songs about Wyoming. But how many of those songs are written by someone who came from Wyoming?
Chris LeDoux comes to mind immediately to anyone who knows anything about Wyoming or country music...
Chris Ledoux
It's been almost 11 years since Chris' passing on March 9, 2005.  He touched the lives of not only the people of Wyoming, but people all over the world!
Remembering Chris Ledoux [VIDEO]
In the year 2000 we were told that an old friend, Chris Ledoux , was diagnosed with liver disease and had to have a liver transplant. The transplant was successful and Chris went back to work putting out 2 more albums before being diagnosed with liver cancer...