Chief Brian Kozak

Tuesday’s Morning Zone
Today's full schedule of guests and open lines. 7:07AM MDT: Marsha Wright guests to discusss..." WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO LEVERAGE STRATEGIC ALLIANCES"? Marketing & Business expert Marsha Wright, will explain, "A strategic alliance is the joining for profit or other beneficial gain of two parties whether for increased revenue, marketing, brand positioning or leveraging opportunitie
Tuesday’s Morning Zone: Craig Winn Is Back Plus Chief Kozak
He's been M.I.A. for several months, now, but this morning author of Tea with Terrorists, Prophet of Doom, and Yada Yaweah, Mr Craig Winn is back with host Dave Chaffin on the Morning Zone at 7:07AM MDT.Theywill analyze last nights Presidential Debate and talk about the real ramifications on the world that the U...