affordable care act

Open Enrollment for ACA Coverage Ends Sunday
Sunday is the last day to sign up for healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act, but Wyomingites don't have to face the insurance marketplace alone.
Tracy Brosius, Operations Director for the Wyoming Institute of Population Health, says help is close by in most every city and town in the…
WINHealth Drops Obamacare
One of the two health insurance companies offering ObamaCare in Wyoming has decided to withdraw from the program.
WINHealth President and CEO Steve Goldstone says the federal government told the company on October 1 that it was going to cut payouts by nearly 88%...
CRMC Official Applauds Healthcare Subsidy Ruling
An official with the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Institute of Population Health says the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding healthcare subsidies under the federal Affordable Care Act is good news for healthcare in Wyoming.
Tracy Brosius says the most obvious impact of the ruling is that …

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