A Rawlins man died from a self-inflicted gunshot after a pursuit of a motorcycle Thursday night. The Wyoming Highway Patrol reports incident began when a Trooper saw a motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed through Arlington just after 10:00 p.m. Thursday evening. The trooper began to follow the motorcycle as it continued westbound on Interstate 80. The Trooper stopped the motorcyclist about two miles west of Arlington after the chase reached speeds of 90 mph. As the Trooper exited his patrol vehicle the motorcyclist took off westbound on the Interstate and refused to stop.

A second Wyoming Highway Patrol vehicle assisted with the pursuit which continued for 49 miles on the Interstate until the motorcycle exited at the east Sinclair Interchange onto WYO 76. The pursuit continued through Sinclair and for another five miles on WYO 76. The pursuit ended when it is believed the motorcycle may have had a mechanical failure or ran out of fuel.

The driver, 29 year-old Chad Nickelson, then fled on foot for about 200 yards before firing a shot in the air from a .25caliber handgun. Investigators say he then shot himself was pronounced dead at the scene.

The motorcycle had been reported stolen in August to the Colorado Springs, Colorado Police Department. No Troopers were injured during the incident, which remains under investigation.

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