A survey by mattressnextday ranks Wyoming residents as 35th in the nation among the 50 states for sleep quality.

You can read the survey here.

The survey ranked Wyoming as follows for various categories related to sleep quality:

  • Searches per Month for Sleep Hygiene Terms: 50th
  • Adults Sleeping Less than 7 Hours: 21st
  • Residents Doing Correct Exercise: 16th
  • Residents Not Engaging in Physical Exercise: 29th
  • Total Index Score: 23.17

Here is the raw data for Wyoming:

  • Searches Per Month For Sleep Hygiene terms: 1730
  • Searches Per Month per 10,000: 29.66
  • % of adults who sleep less than 7 hours: 31.70%
  • Correct amount of exercise: 24.50%
  • Percentage of adults who reported ever being told by a health professional that they have a depressive disorder, including depression, major depression, minor depression, or dysthymia: 21.00%
  • % of Americans who don't do any Physical exercise: 22.90%

The report urged people to follow a number of steps to get a good night's sleep. They include such things as not watching television for an hour before going to bed and not drinking caffeinated drinks too late in the day.

34 percent of people in the national survey admitted to drinking caffeinated beverages right before bedtime.

Getting regular exercise was also recommended.

Nationally, the survey found that most people in the United States average between six and seven hours of sleep a night, just shy of the seven hours the authors of the report recommend.

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