A new study by the financial website WalletHub ranks Wyoming as the most energy-expensive state in the nation in which to live.

The study found that the average monthly energy cost in Wyoming is a whopping $845. That was $200 per month more than the second-most energy-expensive state, North Dakota.

The survey ranked energy costs across four different categories.

Monthly electricity costs, monthly natural gas costs, monthly motor fuel costs, and monthly home heating oil costs. The Cowboy State was only 42nd in the nation for monthly electricity costs and 24th for monthly natural gas costs.

But Wyoming had the highest in the nation monthly motor fuel costs at $287. Since Wyoming's prices at the pump are not usually much different than the national average, that's presumably a reflection of the miles driven by motorists across the state's wide open spaces.

Wyoming also had the highest costs anywhere in the country for monthly home heating oil costs at $362 per month.

The study found that North Dakota, Alaska, Connecticut, and Massachusetts round out the top five in terms of monthly energy costs. The least energy-expensive states [including the District of Columbia] were 51st to 47th the District of Columbia, New Mexico, Texas, Nebraska, and Kansas.

You see the entire Wallethub survey here.

Source: WalletHub

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