Donn Bruns, Lifestyle Photogrpahy
Donn Bruns, Lifestyle Photography


State Representative Tim Stubson (R-Natrona County) says his experience co-chairing a Wyoming Legislative Committee that deals with land management and environmental issues has given him insight in how to deal with the federal government.

Stubson, who is one of several Republican candidates to announce running for Wyoming's lone U.S. House seat, says his experience co-chairing the legislative Committee on Federal Natural Resource Management has given him the chance to deal with a variety of federal agencies on "public land issues, clean air issues and clean water issues."

He says he has learned that Wyoming needs a "vigorous advocate who is focused really like a laser on Wyoming issues if we want to be heard."  He says any other approach will cause the state to be ignored in the federal decision making process.

Stubson says the federal government is "a broken system" that is designed to "protect the status quo," often at the expense of what is best for the American people.

Stubson is an attorney who has represented House District 56 (in Natrona County) in the legislature since 2008. he joins several other declared candidates in the race to replace Cynthia Lummis as Wyoming's only U.S. Representative. Lummis, a Republican, recently announced she won't be a candidate for re-election. The other announced Republican candidates include:

-Casper businessman Charlie Tyrell

-Jason Senteney of Yoder

-Paul Paad of Casper

-Mike Konsmo, an assistant professor at Northwest College in Powell

-Derek Farmer of Platte County

-Gillette veterinarian Rex Rammel

Republican Liz Cheney is reportedly considering a run but has so far not made an announcement.

John Meena of Buford, an independent, has also filed to run for the seat.

So far the only Democrat to announce a run is Richard Grayson, a self-described "protest candidate" who has homes in both Arizona and New York.

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