With a vote to oust Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney from her conference chair position likely to happen at a Republican meeting on May 12, some members have taken issue with her replacement.

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Elise Stefanik, representing New York's 21st district, is the top Republican in line to replace Cheney, as she has the support of former president Donald Trump, and the top two Republicans in the House, Kevin McCarthy and Steven Scalise.

However some, like the Republican vice conference chair Mike Johnson, have said that Stefanik isn't conservative enough to be elected conference chair.

The Club for Growth, a group that supports politicians who are in favor of limited government, tweeted that Stefanik is not the right person to replace Cheney:

"Elise Stefanik is NOT a good spokesperson for the House Republican Conference. She is a liberal with a 35% CFGF lifetime rating, 4th worst in the House GOP. House Republicans should find a conservative to lead messaging and win back the House Majority."

Stefanik is also receiving pushback from some of Cheney's primary opponents, with Anthony Bouchard tweeting out a similar condemnation.

"Stefanik is Neocon #Warhawk - fought Trump on Paris Accord, Trump's Tax Cut, backed Net Neutrality, illegal alien amnesty, Equality Act & always for more spending/debt--even opposed ObamaCare repeal. Today's GOP needs a Conf-Chair who backs Trump's Agenda, NOT a #RINO!"

In spite of these complaints, Stefanik seems to still have the support of a majority of Republicans, with many like Guy Reschenthaler of Pennsylvania, John Katko of New York, standing in support of Stefanik.

Even a labor union like the National Border Patrol Council, which endorsed Trump during his presidential runs in 2016 and 2020voiced their support of Stefanik for conference chair.

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