Whiskey takes a really long time to become perfect. It also is a challenge with our Wyoming weather to get that perfect blend. But when the elements come together and the blend is just right, it's perfection.

That's what Pine Bluffs Distilling is looking for today. They're releasing a bottle of 100 percent Straight Rye Malt Whiskey.



If you're not really well versed in the different types of whiskey, Rye Whiskey is very similar to bourbon. The difference is, you probably could guess with a gun to your head, it's 51 percent rye grain, at least. I always say that bourbon tastes like summertime and happiness, so you can get a similar taste from rye whiskey. A lot of great bourbon companies have a rye option, as well.

It's a good thing that the weather warmed up to move out some of this snow. That makes the trip to Pine Bluffs a little easier to pick up a bottle. The post says it'll go fast and I believe them. It's magical stuff and I'm looking forward to pouring some in a snifter.

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On a side note, I had no idea they were shutting down the tasting room at Pine Bluffs this weekend for remodeling. Though, January is a perfect time to get those remodeling projects in. I'm looking forward to seeing what the new digs will look like.

But for now, I'll have to make sure I make the trip to grab a bottle of the rye before it's gone!

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