There's a perception in our part of Wyoming that Jackson is the home for the rich and the famous. While that's still relatively true, a new list showing the most expensive zip codes in the United States does not include Jackson.

This is a new list compiled by Property Shark. It's the 100 most expensive zip codes in America. Whenever I see a list like this, my first question is always methodology. Here's how Property Shark broke down the money places:

As always, when determining the most exclusive areas for high-priced real estate, we calculated median sale prices based on closed home sales, not asking prices, as we consider this methodology to provide the most accurate picture of actual market dynamics.

The big news isn't who's on the list. It's who's NOT on the list and that includes our neighbors in Jackson, Wyoming who almost always make these countdowns. You will not see Jackson anywhere in the top 100 most expensive zip codes. I am genuinely surprised.

You will see dozens of zip codes in California and also New York state. Florida and Washington state also have zips that make the list.

You might recall that late last year we reported that Teton County had extended its lead as the richest county in America and no other county was even close. With that in mind, what's the difference?

This list reflects actual selling prices and does not include luxury listings that sometimes remain on the market for years. That definitely includes the type of real estate you often see listed in the Jackson Hole area. I would also wonder if lack of population density in Jackson (and Wyoming in general) ends up causing the area to not show up on this zip code radar.

I love the Jackson area and have never had a bad experience with the residents there no matter what their income is. But, there is no doubt it's a part of Wyoming known for its wealth which is one of the reasons for my surprise in not seeing it end up at the top of another rich list.

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