Laramie County Sheriff Danny Glick says he is very concerned about the potential for terrorism among Syrian refugees in the United States.

The Sheriff says of allowing refugees into the country ''We are a compassionate nation. I'm sure it's going to happen".

But he says there are very real concerns about the current vetting process for the refugees. Sheriff Glick quotes FBI Director James Comey as saying he isn't comfortable with the current vetting process, adding ''If he's not comfortable I'm not either''.

Glick also says that regardless of which states the refugees are re-settled into, the bottom line is that once people enter the country it's virtually impossible to track their movements.

Glick says of particular concern to Wyoming is the fact that Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has said his state will welcome Syrian refugees. The sheriff says federal officials need to do everything possible to improve the vetting process, adding local law enforcement agencies such as his department will be watching closely for signs of terrorist activity.

He also says private citizens need to be vigilant and should not assume Wyoming is immune from a terrorist attack, adding ''if you see something, say something''.

Supporters of allowing Syrian refugees into the United States say the vetting process is far more rigorous than is being portrayed, pointing out he entire process can take up to two years. They also say so far Middle Eastern refugees have committed very few crimes in the United States, and accuse immigration opponents of playing on people's fears with unfounded exaggerations of the danger posed by immigrants.


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