Of all the ranches in Wyoming, there are few to rival this one. It's the truly spectacular Diamond G Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming and epic doesn't even begin to describe it.

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I've seen ranches featured on the TV series "Yellowstone" that aren't at the same level as this place. Someone should tell Kevin Costner about the Diamond G Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming. Hall & Hall shared video and pics of what this property is all about.

See the pictures of the ranch, land and all the wildlife that roam there, too.

See the Breathtaking $71 Million Dollar Diamond G Ranch in Dubois

This kind of Wyoming land doesn't come for free. The current asking price as of this writing is $71 million dollars. Wonder if they'd accept a briefcase full of IOU's? Kinda doubt it and I don't blame them.

Most of us (OK, probably all of us) will never realize owning or even being on a ranch like this. Fortunately, there's no cost to look at the pictures and dream. You can check out the realtor's listing for official info, more pics and details.

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