I got a good one for you. If science is to be believed, life in Wyoming is "like a country song". Come to think of it, we do have kind of a twang around here.

This isn't necessarily new, but it made me laugh so I'm sharing it with you. The Estately Blog some time ago decided which states were "most like a country song". Here's their handy country map.


Notice how blue we are? That's because we are dang country as country can be in Wyoming. Nationally, we're ranked at #14 behind the Dakotas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas plus some other pickup loving states.

How did Estately decide this very important statistic? Here are a few of the factors:

  • How many pickups we got
  • Number of dirt roads
  • Do we love the Lord?
  • How much we support the troops

For the record, Wyoming came in at #2 for number of pickups and top 5 for "working until the day is through".

When you see us Wyoming folk driving down a dirt road with an American flag in our back window after a hard day's work, now you'll know why. We're a walking, talking country song getting "down on the farm".

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