It was, once again, my privilege to be invited to speak to the large crowd gathered at the Old Community House is Lion's Park on Saturday. Because of my recovery from cancer and and continued radiation and chemotherapy, I wasn't able to speak long, but that was probably a blessing for the audience.

What struck my was the continued out-pouring of prayers and well wishes expressed by those in attendance. I spoke of my renewed respect and faith for our country and our God, and the need for all of us to stand up and step up and be counted on election day. They actually gave me a standing ovation (my first one ever). That brought tears to my eyes, but what really moved me was when everyone came up held and hands and prayed for my recovery.

This community continues to represent what America is supposed to be about. We are The People! That people together with God are stronger than the evil that is constantly trying to destroy us. God Bless you all and God Bless America,  and thank you so much to everyone who worked to put this event together and make it such a huge success, and thanks toeach and every one for your out-pouring of prayers and love for my family and me.