Beef Jerky is the most popular. But, why stop there. Jerky can be made out of just about anything that once moved, and anything that doesn't currently move.

Wyoming Jerky has a few unique homemade flavors. Here are a few, with maybe one or two you've never heard of.


  • 1

    Jamie Oliver - Taste Real Wyoming Jerky

    Jamie is a TV food host from across the pond. He has never tried jerky in any form.

  • 2

    Deer Jerky

    You can buy it, but here's how you make it at home.

  • 3

    Buffalo Jerky

    How can Wyoming not have buffalo jerky. It really does have a flavor all its own.

  • 4

    Antelope Jerky

    You love it or you don't. No middle ground.

  • 5

    Rabbit Jerky

    Sorry, I could not find one for Jackalope Jerky. This is the best I could do.

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