Safe Kids Wyoming is reminding parents about some of the holiday hazards that can injure children, especially very young kids.

Spokeswoman Stephanie Heitsch says that in 2012 an estimated 192,000 kids were treated in an emergency room for a toy-related injury. Another 136,314 children age 19 and under were injured due to a fire or burn. And 3,270 were sent to emergency rooms  for injuries caused by non-electric holiday decorations.

Heitsch says one of the big hazards is posed by small toy parts or button batteries that can be swallowed by young children. It's important to make sure Christmas gifts are age-appropriate and to keep an eye on electronic gadgets and games given to older children to make sure the younger kids aren't exposed to choking hazards.

Heitsch reminds people that young children are by nature curious and will often get their hands on electronic devices that are left lying around within reach.

She also advises people to keep holiday candles at least 12 inches away from anything that can burn. People also should never leave candles unattended, especially if small children are in the room.

Another fire hazard is posed by natural Christmas trees that aren't watered regularly, so it's important to make sure natural trees are given plenty of water to prevent the needles from drying out and catching fire.

Other holiday hazards for young children are discussed here.