The Laramie County Sheriff's Office is still looking for three juvenile facility runaways wanted in connection with a crime spree in the Cheyenne area.

Deputy Jeff Barnes says Miles Bawdon, Storm Bordeaux and Jason Brave ran away from Meadowlark Academy at 3304 I-80 Service Road sometime around the night of Jan. 21.

Barnes says it's believed the teens then broke into several vehicles in the 11000 block of Pitman Road and the 5500 block of Prevailing Drive before stealing a Ford F-250 with a loaded handgun in the console from the 8300 block of Firethorn Lane.

Barnes says Cheyenne police recovered the stolen pickup and gun on the night of Jan. 22, but "it appears that the kids wound up taking another vehicle right in the immediate vicinity."

"We kind of suspect that they may not be in the area any longer," said Barnes. "They might have made their way to South Dakota ... I believe that's where all three of them are originally from."

Anyone with information on the boys' whereabouts is asked to call the Laramie County Combined Communications Center at (307) 637-6524.

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