Visit Cheyenne President Darren Rudloff is urging Laramie County voters to approve a renewal of the county's lodging tax on this year's election ballot.

The 4% tax is levied on hotel rooms and other local lodging facilities, with the proceeds used to promote visitation to Laramie County.The tax is also the primary source of funding for Visit Cheyenne.

Rudloff says that organization promotes the local travel industry through billboards, radio and TV advertising, magazine articles and local visitor centers. He says the local travel industry is doing very well, leading the state in a number of areas and showing year-round visitation.

Rudloff says the recent construction of new hotels also attests to the growth of Laramie County's travel industry. He also points out the tax isn't paid by local residents unless they rent a hotel room.

The proposal on the November ballot  is not for a new tax, but rather the renewal of a tax that has been in place in Laramie County since 1987.

Rudloff says such taxes are extremely common across the United States in promotion of travel industries.