Rock Springs Animal Control has issued a canine distemper warning after a raccoon in the city was found with the disease.

Two more raccoons have shown signs of the disease, further raising concerns that the disease may be spreading. Canine distemper is a serious viral illness for which there is no known cure, although dogs can be vaccinated against the disease.

Besides dogs, it affects raccoons, coyotes, wolves, foxes and skunks. Another common household pet, the ferret, is also a carrier of the virus.

Besides direct contact, distemper can also be spread through bedding, utensils, and other items that have come into contact with an infected animal. Officials are warning people who own dogs that the animal's vaccinations should be kept current, especially if they are kept outside.

So far there have been no other reports of recent outbreaks of the disease in Wyoming. You can lear more about canine distemper here.

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