You are hopefully having a good day, but I doubt you're having as good a day as a Yellowstone elk who was recently spotted rubbing his antlers against trees.

One Yellowstone visitor spotted this big guy right behind his RV. Don't go falling in love with her, Clark.

He didn't just rub his antlers against one tree. He pleasured himself on just about every tree within a one mile radius and who can blame him? He's an elk after all.

This is one of the more milder activities for a bull elk during rutting season. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has a ton of details about how these big boys spend this time of year. Considering all the bugling these big elk do especially during this time of year, I'm surprised the guy in the RV was able to sleep.

By the time rutting season is over, those antlers will likely have been involved in many elk versus elk challenges to prove he's the noble steed all the elk ladies need to know.

I appreciate the video share from this guy as we don't often get to see such a chill bull elk moment in Yellowstone. We should all be so fortunate to have a moment as relaxing as this elk had.

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