I came across a very interesting statistic today involving how Wyoming votes in national elections. The claim is that we have voted Republican more consecutive times than any other state has voted for any other party.

The conversation started on Wyoming Reddit. It was referencing a Vox article from back in 2016. It shows how each state has voted for President going back to 1960. It reveals that Wyoming has voted Republican in every election since 1968. They have a nifty graphic that shows each election from 1960 to 2016.


Since that election, Vox shows that Wyoming has voted Republican every single year. The streak would have gone back farther except for the fact that just about every state (other than 6 in the south) voted Johnson in 1964.

Will Wyoming keep up the red state streak in 2020? Will we change our state motto to a cowboy riding an elephant? So many questions...

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