LARAMIE -- Emotions were running high early Saturday as the Cowboys quickly fell behind FCS opponent, Montana State.

When your first-half drive chart looks like this -- Interception, punt, punt, punt, downs, field goal, punt -- you're bound to hear some strong opinions.

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Here are some of the best -- and, um, critical -- comments from Wyoming's narrow 19-16 victory over the Bobcats.



Daniel Whelchel on Facebook: Horrible targeting call, he literally pushed the QB. Idk, we didn’t come to play thus far.

Celyn Rogers on Facebook: Wyoming always plays to the level of its opponents

Mike Power on Facebook: When did Vigen learn to call "pass" on anything but 3rd down?

Guy Hale on Facebook: Aight this is rough. No splitting hairs.

Thor Stephenson Jr. on Facebook: Pokes better get mad and do something in the 2nd half

Rick Larson to Thor Stephenson Jr. on Facebook: I sure hope so after all this hype about this team what the hell

Tom Cudney on Facebook: I’m beginning to wonder if it was even Vigen that was the problem with our offense at all....... He seems to be doing pretty good for his team!!!

Mike Power on Facebook: I don't want us to lose, however if we win like this and they think we can get away with playing this bad and getting "lucky" may do more damage psychologically then taking the loss and an early wake up call. Horrible




Luke Todd on Facebook: WYO played flat, and MSU played well. Reality is that there was no talent gap. MSU had some very good players, the running back (#22) and #15 (linebacker) were studs. Probably not a lot of gap between D1 FCS and D1 Group of Five teams. Look at a lot of the scores from this weekend with matchups like this. FCS competed very well. These levels should consider combining to form a true, amateur, student athlete focused, league that would truly be competitive and fun to watch. Let the "Power Five" (Minor League NFL) do their own thing with Professionals.

Kyle Wright on Facebook: Not gonna lie, I'm a bit nervous about our team after today. Hope that was just getting bugs out of the system. Today's alt unis was a big step for Bohl. I would love gold tops, brown pants, and the matte brown helmet.

Jordan Van Royen on Facebook: Great catch to win it. Way to stay in the fight and come away with the win. I’d probably not be jumping around mid field celebrating though. 20pt favorites that were losing with less than a minute to go. Championship teams celebrate those type of wins in private.

Jim Blonigen on Facebook: I’m about to make a comment that will make some people mad. I’ve been a season ticket holder for over 24 years and I get so aggravated because our fans sit on there hands until the very last minute. Don’t tell me they were loud and proud, because they are not. They don’t get that way until the very end. Why are we not standing and yelling from the get go. The students were great then you have the crowd yelling when we are trying to call offensive play. Our fans need to get into the game earlier. And those who disagree with me prove next game especially the upper deck east side.

Phillip Lockwood on Facebook: I owe Vigen an apology

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