Laramie County Assistant District Attorney Ryan Wright announced today (Friday) that he's running for the Senate District 5 seat currently held by Sen. Fred Emerich.

The Wyoming-raised, 39-year-old, Georgetown Law graduate, former U.S. Senate staffer to Mike Enzi, and father of two says he's looking to energize the district, strengthen the economy, and use smarter tactics to reduce crime and recidivism rates.

“I am eager to give back to the state where I was raised and has given me so much," said Wright.

"As a hunter and outdoorsman, a businessman and prosecutor, and a family man, I know what makes our community and Wyoming special, what we need, and how to get the job done," he added.

Wright says he's especially concerned with budget cuts compounding the very issues they aim to address.

"By saving a dollar today we often spend more tomorrow to fix the problem," he said. "Restoring funding is essential to effectively treat substance abuse, break the cycle of addiction, and reform outdated laws and tactics. A safe community equals a prosperous community.”

Wright aims to foster economic growth by supporting business-friendly laws that modernize higher education and vocational programs, and to leverage abundant affordable energy and fiber optic network infrastructure to attract tech companies.

He strongly believes that every effort should be made to grow Wyoming’s sovereign funds to help ensure long-term financial security for future generations.

"Growing Wyoming’s sovereign funds will in time insulate the state’s budget from our boom-and-bust economy," he said.

Wright lives in Cheyenne with his wife, Hosanna, and their two sons, Henry and Lewis.

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